No, it’s funny, all of this today, because it got me thinking. Because the Doctor, he showed me such a remarkable life, and when he went, it just took me a long while to get over it.

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Thinking of buying some thrifted wool sweaters and experimenting with shrinking them to my size. Since it’s so hard to find sweaters in my size as-is.


also that half a second shot at the end that made me jump around he room


I would like to nominate Elaine Collins (Peter’s wife) for the title of Uncrowned Queen of the Doctor Who fandom.  Do I hear any “Seconds?”

I’M SO GLAD SOMEONE POINTED THIS OUT. I saw it, and then promptly forgot about it, despite it making me go “???? is he a big enough nerd to do a first-doctor’s-ring reference plz say yes” but this story is even better because while I’m gonna assume it IS canonically the first Doc’s ring that he dug out after regenerating, the truth is even better because it parallels DeForest Kelley and his mother’s ring, which he never took off for a single acting job (famous quote of ‘the ring goes, I go’) which lead to McCoy’s famous pinky ring and that makes me ridiculously happy.

Even if up close it really doesn’t look like the first Doctor’s ring, but from afar I’m going to pretend forever. And that the Doctor was very pleased to find that it fit at least one of his fingers this time.

Edit: Apparently it’s been confirmed that that is NOT his wedding ring (his wedding ring is the second band behind it, which is actually unattached to the gemstone). It looks like they commissioned a ring specifically so that the gem would sit between both bands. Maybe trying to make it look less ‘like a wedding ring’.


"Right, let’s see where we are."

Destiny of the Daleks - season 17 - 1979


Relationships are hard