So my whole family left on adventure and left me in charge of the house by myself and my mom put me in charge of the cats (her babies) and what does my dumb cat do ON THE FIRST NIGHT but get in another fight and split his ear clean open

what a fucking dumby baby but to put any worry to rest it scabbed over nicely before I even discovered this had happened and here he is being a dork and purring lots

and asking why I’m taking photos of him when I could be scratching his fluffy tummy

also I’m sure the other cat probably looks worse. My cat is the town bully, the other cat owners are not pleased.

Honestly this cat just collects battle scars and assumes it adds to his prettyboy street cred or something

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LOL. Frank only has a beard in Evil AU. THAT’S HOW YOU KNOW.

It is, because otherwise Evil!Frank would still be perfectly pleasant and polite.

<Frank> `eightball does Frank finally get his beard
<Hoss> Frank : Not happening.
<Frank> …
* Frank sobs bitterly
<Frank> but that was beautiful hoss thank you

GM: ….undergo a ritual to pick their gender…

Me: (entering from another room) What?

GM: Marquis.

Player: Oh no, AJ the Player too.

Me: Yes, some day I shall undergo the ancient ritual to finally choose my gender.

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I must tell you all about our child

Me and the hacker had a beautiful child together.


Dunite in Basalt




Imagine Jenny making out with a Pertwee-era Silurian