"Venusian akido…"

The Green Death - season 10 - 1973


"Not a very pleasant time."

The Masque of Mandragora - season 14 - 1976

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Aaaand then I got lazy because I seriously suck at SketchBook. The brushes just don’t sit right with me. I can’t make them go thin enough, no amount of adjusting the sensitivity makes them feel natural to me, I can’t get over the fact that half the pens can’t colour over darker colours/don’t erase properly/paint weirdly (‘naturally’ I guess).

So our Pathfinder game got put on hold (not all the players could make it) so characters were rolled up for a Rifts game.

Rifts. The game that’s all about Go Big or Go Home. So I said, ‘yeah, I’ll play a doctor’. ‘What race?’ Shrug ‘human sounds good’. He just looked at me blankly, and was told how much trouble he’s had with trying to convince players NOT to play extreme, overpowered races.

But y’know, doctor with skills in cybernetics and bionics to take care of our two cyborgs, and Captain.

They’re a sergeant major, directly under the captain who goes by “Duchess”; they picked up the nickname Marquis from underlings, since it’s the title directly under Duke. Duchess calls them “Rook” though as a nick, so they’ve got two nicks and no name. BU Well, I was thinking Cecille as a real first name.

So far they’ve had a few androgynous adventures including a Fashion Montage and Nightclub scene. I’ve got a page of roughs that turned out better but I liked the pose of this shot, so that’s the one I tried my shitty finelining on (why do I even bother).

THEY DID LOTS OF DOCTORIN’ and I’m annoyed because their medical skills aren’t as high as Greg’s.

Also has the super power to pull their doctorin’ coat out of thin air.

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Sailor Lethe by うさこ

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